Luxury Shower Cabin

Most of us are accustomed to traditional bathrooms, which necessarily contains a bath. However, we begin the working day usually with a morning shower, because the time to take a bath sorely lacking. However, you must have a temper and courage to stand barefoot in the cold bath, get a charge of vivacity and good mood.And why not do it differently? For example, instead of baths to install a luxury shower cabin. Of course, for the first time triggered the force of habit – how is it in the bathroom and no bath. However, one should still think about it, because modern luxury showers are not only convenient, but its design will beautify any bathroom. In addition, today there is an opportunity to combine smoothly bath with shower.If your bathroom quite small in size, the additional space can not hurt.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeJacuzzi Steam Shower - the Morphosis Omega luxury shower. The glass panels offer a crystal-clear view of the smooth, sweeping teak seat that forms a fundamentally well-designed part of the Morphosis Omega steam shower from Jacuzzi. With this uncompromised style in mind, the fittings come in clear or darkened options to complement the stunning enclosure. Generous sizing ensures maximum comfort seated or standing. The health perks couple with the aesthetic benefits of this luxury steam shower… the high-performance steam generator and hydromassage alternatives will pamper you like never before.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeUnique multifunctional glass shower cabin with the doors opening to the outside, kind of openness and the most convenient and preferable, if there are problems on the spot, because zip does not require opening profiles at the top and bottom of the window as a light kind of soul.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeUltra luxury marvelous modern shower cabin

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeThe WMK A-16 Shower Enclosure Unit is a fully-loaded steam shower enclosure with a built-in steam generator, hydrotherapy foot massager, radio/stereo inputs and much more for your therapeutic experience. As you can see this Shower Enclosure Unit can replace a bathroom, looks very cool, and is equiped with a lot of stuff that can relax you completely.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeAquapeutics Luxury Steam Shower is definitely the most exotic and luxurious shower cabin around. It comes with everything that you need including a waterproof touchscreen TV, radio with MP3 compatible input, touch pad panel to control everything, foot massage device, 4.5KW steam generator, 6 acupuncture massage jets, 6 adjustable water jets and 8 smaller water jets.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeGreen Luxury Shower Cabin

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeThis new Duravit multi-function shower is the latest creation of Berlin designer Jochen Schmiddem who designed the Hansgrohe-Pharo Cocoon shower for Tom Cruise's Minority Report film by Steven Spielberg. Only recently unveiled by Duravit, this luxury shower is actually a steam shower cabin. It can be easily converted into a steam shower by easily folding out the two seats to form a 170 cm bench and turning on the steam generator. The frame-less cabin is made of silicon-free safety glass and is available in either clear or tinted blue color. The spacious inside is white acrylic while the floor, seats and shelving are made from water-resistant Robinia wood, and the plumbing fixtures are in shiny chrome. This Duravit shower comes with many exiting features/options that are expected in today's modern luxury showers: the LED-enabled chromatherapy, the aromatherapy, the built-in sound and the touch-display and remote control. Not to mention the various shower heads and water hoses and adjustable massage nozzles and backrests.

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