Amazing Table Lamps

If you dream of redecorating your interior or are simply interested in unusual interior design ideas, you are welcome. Below is the list of the most creative and extravagant lamp designs you have ever seen.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeUnusual Table Lamps With White Color

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeThe bot­tles are col­lected from cafes and house­holds in Not­ting­ham and then they are cleaned and sand­blasted. Then with some clever cut­ting they are trans­formed into dec­o­ra­tive shapes, totally unrecog­nis­able from their orig­i­nal state.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeAbyss table lamp. This odd lamp is design by Kundalini studio. It is common knowledge that designers often get inspired by ordinary things but could you imagine that someone gain inspiration from a intestinal tract? The advantage of the lamp is that it can twist and turn forming variety of shapes, thanks to its flexible segmented construction. LED lighting provides clean and bright light.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeFeminine Amazing Table Lamps

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeGirls Table Lamps. These beautiful girls table lamps by Italamp are a fashion lamps designs. The girls table lamps inspired by the hat and women's clothing. The girls table lamps romantic-style with strikling design that featuring a hat-shaped shade, woven with a hint of sparkle. If you love the whole fashion-inspired theme, try this girls table lamps. The girls table lamps available with three different height and many color choices, like purple, blue, black, brown, green, silver, and whatever you're looking for, they've got your color. We hope for placing these girls table lamps on your bedside table or in your dressing area.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeEvery element should fit to the main interior idea and if you have chosen modern style then all accessories must be in that style. The table lamp PizzaKobra by Ron Arad might become one of them. This lamp has an awesome design which surprises by its flexibility and creativity. This modern table lamp is made of steel and aluminium, finished with chrome and equipped with 6 white LED lights. It could become an amazing functional table decoration of any modern interior design.

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeBeautiful Colorful Mood Lamp Design LUNE Color Changing LED Mood Lamp From Cielux

Home Design Ideas and AlternativePlastics looks cool as light fixture due to amazing light effects it creates (we've already seen how plastic cups can be turned into beautiful chandeliers). The only thing to be aware of is that the heat the light produces may burn out the plastic so you'd better use LED lights. But for sure, this always looks cool!

Home Design Ideas and AlternativeCreative Amazing Table Lamps

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