My husband, John Bryson, wrote this list several months ago.  This has been an encouragement to me and, I truly hope you enjoy it.  You can check out more of his amazing thoughts on his blog:  JOHN WILEY BRYSON.

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1.  A loving-helper sees herself as the key teammate on her husband’s team.

2.  A loving-helper is a student of her husband.

3.  A loving-helper admires her husband.

4.  A loving-helper supports her husband in his work and calling.

5.  A loving-helper supports her husband behind his back, in public, and with her friends and family.

6.  A loving-helper supports her husband through the seasons of life.

7.  A loving-helper provides companionship to her husband by sharing his interests.

8.  A loving-helper dreams with her husband.

9.  A loving-helper adapts her expectations to her understanding of her husband.

10.  A loving-helper encourages her husband to take time to re-fuel.

11.  A loving-helper assumes the best of her husband’s efforts and intentions.

12.  A loving-helper expresses appreciation for her husband regularly.

13.  A loving-helper enjoys her husband.

14.  A loving-helper interacts with her husband as a wife, not as a mother or a daughter

15.  A loving-helper is responsive physically to her husband.

16.  A loving-helper pursues her husband sexually.

17.  A loving-helper keeps her primary focus on the home and works hard to manage her house and household.

18.  A loving-helper loves and disciplines her children in cooperation with her husband.

19.  A loving-helper works toward creating the atmosphere they desire for their home.

20.  A loving-helper manages her household to live within their means.

21.  A loving-helper recognizes her husband as the spiritual leader of their home and looks for how God wants to use him in her life.

22.  A loving-helper listens to her husband’s counsel.

23.  A loving-helper focuses on growing her own character rather than changing her husband’s character.

24.  A loving-helper depends on God for her value, worth, significance and identity.

25.  A loving-helper prays for her husband frequently.

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